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DKAF specialise in bespoke software to integrate the many different and usually incompatible security based hardware systems that are in use today. Specialising in the Security electronics industry with prime focus on Town Centre CCTV schemes and specialist large scale door entry and access control systems to Local Authority / Housing Associations DKAF have already proven software packages that allow a staged upgrade path whilst maintaining compatibility between systems already in place to newer technology. If it seems difficult to integrate, we can usually help.

We have our own interpreted language that performs many functions associated with Customer requirements. The majority of DKAF Software Systems utilise a record based structure allowing end user control and programming of requirements when events occur. E.g. a hot spot is selected on a site graphic which runs a record. This record will be programmed to play a pre recorded wav file (either on this system or a remote system), generate an alert to a different remote system and at the same time display a scrolling message on this system