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How to get an estimate

When you are ready with your software ideas and need to discuss your requirements simply email DKAF Sales with a short description of what you are trying to achieve. This may be anything from a small database to a full blown fully integrated control systems package monitoring everything in your building.

We will assess your initial requirements and if possible at this stage provide an estimate of what we believe would be the cost to implement the system you require.

If additional information is needed to assess the estimated cost then we will contact you and either request further information or enquire about arranging an initial site meeting free of charge

You may be pleasantly surprised at the estimated price as we already have many sections of software already completed and simply use them as building blocks to adapt to your requirement.


DKAF retain all the rights to any software developed and issue licenses to the Customer at a pre agreed price (This is how we also keep our costs down). Should you require access to the source code this can of course be arranged under an escrow agreement or can be purchase outright if needed. Some systems may use third party components / software and if so this would not be part of any release agreement unless prior agreed with the third party