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DKAF have designed a bespoke fully integrated CCTV and Door Entry system for Rochdale Boroughwide Housing and Safegard Security. This utilises a combined Concierge SIP based VOIP door Entry Intercom system to allow a common Operator GUI to control both systems. The system fully supports analogue ATA adapters and SIP based VOIP communications via a SIP server enabling the door entry system the capability to operate across the globe if necessary. The main door entry panels have been designed around the original panel shape and size to reduce costs so no additional building works were required to make good the area around the panels. These panels support a 640 x 480 VGA display area controlled by a standard Windows 7 based integrated system allowing for Voice and video if required to be streamed from each door. The ability to add advertising features to the display is also being presently considered. Each door panel is engraved and has Braille associated with each button. The system utilises ‘off the shelf’ hardware to ensure the availability of spares is from more than one supplier.